Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burberry Boots

Burberry rain boots

Burberry is a well-known British brand specializing in luxury goods. Burberry is well-known for its luxury designer handbags but it also makes shoes and boots
For a description of Burberry handbags and Burberry's current strategy see - Burberry Handbags - It operates in the global luxury sector which represented in 2008 approximately $225 billion for Burberry.
Over the last four years and despite the worst financial crisis since 1929 the luxury goods market has grown by 7% a year on average. Growth slowed in 2008 and the market is expected to contract over 2009. The fundamental long-term drivers of growth in the luxury market have not gone away:
the luxury market has grown at 2 to 3 times the rate of the global economy
emerging economies such as China, Russia and India have expanded
the number of high net worth individuals has increased in core and emerging markets; high net worj individuals are people with assets (excluding their primary residence) in excess of US$1m - such individuals are more likely to buy luxury goods than other consumers
demand for luxury brands increased as aspirations develop, working women spend more and a more men choose luxury brands
increased travel and tourism
continued luxury brand product innovation creates demand for new products
The luxury goods market comprises apparel, womens handbags, shoes, perfume and cosmetics and so-called hard luxury, such as watches and jewellery.
Burberry competes with a number of comapnies manufacturing luxury goods. Large international corporations with several luxury brands and single brand luxury brands.
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